Cant Really Dust for Vomit

Published: August 20, 2012

From the department of the bizarro, comes this …

A Whitesnake fan is demanding 10,000 in compensation after she slipped in vomit during a concert and suffered injuries to her knees, neck and back.

Lindy Butcher, 39, attended David Coverdales show at Newport Leisure Centre in Wales last December, during which she slipped. She realised what had caused her fall when another fan helped her up.

Butcher tells the BBC: It was horrifying you dont expect to fall in someones vomit.

Managers have refunded her ticket price and say theyd been alerted that a clean-up was required, but due to the number of people in the venue, staff had been unable to locate the puddle of sick.

Of course, you can’t really dust for vomit, now can you?

spinal tap video can’t dust for vomit (drummers)

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