Sir Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley

Published: October 30, 2013

Sir Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley Sir Charles, born Charles Mattocks, is the nephew of the late reggae legend Bob Marley. Over the past 15 years he’s built a reputation first as an actor, then as a diabetes advocate. Now he’s launching a career in reggae music.

Sir Charles grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York. While spending his summers in Jamaica, his passion for music came from his family and the real life situations that shaped the man he is today.

Bob Marley died in 1981. Sir Charles says “I met my uncle twice before he passed. I always wanted to be a reggae artist but growing up in Long island it was not that easy to start a band. I knew I would come back to it when the time was right. I started making music, I knew I had something in me that needed to come and I did very well with music but not reggae. The reggae was something that I dreamed of doing, I wanted to bring back the old roots and the rhythms that started me on my journey to give back and change the world.”

Charles worked with such greats as LL Cool J and Redman and released a single on Tommy Boy records. He is being produced by Eugene Grey, who was inducted into the Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute Reggae Walk of Fame in 2010.

“I loved the journey of music and it taught me a lot at a young age, I’m thankful for getting back to the dream I always had of making music for the people,” says Sir Charles.

Charles is now working on his first solo album and his style as he states it is “mystic soulful,” meaning that he wants to help restore reggae back to its glorious position in music.

Sir Charles says “I want to have children signing reggae again, all the blonde hair and tight pants and disrespect to women is not what I represent or what JAH wants us to bring to the people, we are a God loving people we must represent only good and truth.”

His songs are melodies that touch the soul while being a bit rebellious. Sir Charles has a story to tell from his upbringing and life that has been full of blessings and richness.

“I worked very hard from a youth to have everything I have now, I saw what my uncle did and where he came from and I knew if I had what he had I could do some amazing things, I am not trying to be him in any way but keep his vision and dream alive.”

You can hear Sir Charles on Soundcloud at

Sir Charles has earned an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor in the film The Summer of Ben Tyler, where he played the title role in with famed actor James Woods. He is also a bestselling cookbook author of Eat Cheap but Eat Well and has been featured on scores of major television shows across the world and country, from CNN to The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Talk, Martha Stewart, and Dr. Oz and has been featured as a TEDx speaker.

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