The return of the Leviathan

Published: March 02, 2024
Prog News posted by Leviathan Italy — 2024 - The return of the Leviathan: "Heartquake / Redux", released on AMS Records, distributed by BFT, is the re-recording of the band's debut album. When Leviathan decided to do a reunion, after many years, they thought it was a splendid opportunity to bring back an album which, for many critics and experts, marked the return of progressive music on the Italian soil in the 80s, after the punk movement the video pop and new wave had swept it away at the end of the 70s. At the time, Leviathan had to break the piggy bank to be able to afford 5 days in the studio to record it and mix it. Too little time to do justice to the splendid music, composed by Sandro Wlderk, with the lyrics and voice of Alex Brunori. Today, the band has everything they didn't have back then: the time, the experience and the technology to play and record it properly. And a super-group, which in addition to the historical members of the band, Alex Brunori on vocals, Andrea Amici on keyboards and Andrea Moneta on drums (now also behind the drums for Zopp), sees the presence of Andrea Castelli, legendary prog bassist active with Il Rovescio della Medaglia, and Fabio Serra, who is not only one of the best Italian guitarists, not only is the mind behind the progressive R�senkre�tz project, but also one of the most refined and expert producers and sound engineers around. This new edition, for which Alex took care of the artwork and creative direction, is available both in physical format, as a CD, distributed by BFT: and in high quality download on the AMS bandcamp: proper thank you goes to Matthias Scheller, who believed in this project and welcomed us into AMS Records. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed bringing it back to life.
Indie / Progressive / Jazz
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