VIDEO PREMIERE: Daisychain Keep the Seasons Changing with Shuffling Rocker “On Your Own 2 Feet”

Published: March 23, 2023

We still need rock and roll. Even though we are capable of producing pristinely fine-tuned digital soundscapes and algorithmic beats, the dirt, grit, and humanity of rock music carry on into the 21st century. Chicago’s Daisychain are keeping the genre alive with their newest single “On Your Own 2 Feet.”

With Sophia Williams (guitar/vocals) and Nickole Regala (bass/vocals) leading the way, Daisychain recorded this most recent single at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN. Capturing live performances of the song shows the band firing on all cylinders. Frank Sripada (lead guitar) and Frank Kurtz (drums) round out the lineup to make this band a true psych-rock powerhouse.

Today Glide is premiering the live video for “On Your Own 2 Feet,” a groovy-as-hell tune that captures this band’s back-to-the-basics approach to rock and roll. From the song’s first few moments, it’s clear the members of Daisychain are giving their all in service of the song. Kurtz’s bluesy shuffle provides the perfect backdrop for Williams and Regala’s intertwined vocal harmonies. Sripada’s crunchy leads pop up and fade away quickly, shooting darts at the song’s psychedelic heart. The music video alternates between a live performance by the band and scenes set against an orange backdrop. The contrast of colors and the flowers that land all around (or even serve as drumsticks in one scene) make for a visually engaging video, showing that the band has a knack for presenting their work visually.

Since their last EP, 2022’s Different Shades, the band has clearly been hard at work continuing to perfect their sound. Rock and roll doesn’t get any better than this. “On Your Own 2 Feet” is a perfect song for the changing of the seasons – a shuffling rocker to welcome the sun back into our lives.

Watch the music video below and read our quick interview with the band…

Y’all have been hard at work since 2019, releasing a slew of singles and EPs. What keeps you motivated and inspired to create?

I think the whole band has an innate urge to create. Working alongside others who are motivated and want to create really helps to push us individually to do more and make more music. We’re very lucky that everyone in the band is so dedicated and hard working. And, like many other musicians, we draw from everyday experiences. Writing music helps us process our emotions and reactions to everyday life.

What was it like working with Milo Mendoza for the music video?

It was really great working with Milo for the music video! We’ve known him for years and we’re happy that we were finally able to work with him on a professional level. The dynamic of the music video shoot was great, the band was able to have lots of creative freedom on the music video, and Milo was there to reel in what was possible from a videography aspect.

You recorded this track at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN. What was it like recording there? How did the atmosphere of the studio influence “On Your Own 2 Feet?”

Recording at The Bomb Shelter was such a fantastic experience! We toured The Bomb Shelter in late 2021 and were initially drawn to the studio because the Alabama Shakes album ‘Boys and Girls’ was recorded there. ‘Boys and Girls’ was a really important, sort of coming of age album for a couple of us in Daisychain. And, most importantly, we all loved the overall sound of the album, and the raw, emotional aspect that was captured in the songs on ‘Boys and Girls’. When we were deciding where to record ‘On Your Own 2 Feet’, we knew we were looking for a vintage, live sounding recording, and we knew that The Bomb Shelter would be perfect for the sound. A lot of the mix was recorded live, in analog, and I think that really helped in achieving the vintage, warm sound that we were looking for.

Did you record any more tracks while in Nashville? When can we expect more music?

We recorded another track while we were in Nashville, and it will be out later in the year! We’re very excited to share it. We are also hoping to start working on a full length album later this year. Whether it’s a single, or an LP, we’re always eager to write, create, and share our music!

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