15 Questions with Anna Burch

Published: April 22, 2018

As previously noted Anna Burch is heading out on tour for the foreseeable future, but before our baby bird leaves the nest for the open road we caught up with her about all the most important things: The Sopranos, Fred Thomas, her cousin's boyfriend in Oklahoma, etc.

Check out fifteen questions with the pride of Belle Isle below & catch Anna Burch live in a city near you ASAP!!

1. Earliest musical influences?

Diana Ross, Carol King, Green Day "Dookie", Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill", Mariah Carey, The Cardigans, Leslie Gore

2. What inspires your nail color choices?

I feel like my videos are misleading because I don't usually paint my nails these days! For the 2 Cool 2 Care video I wanted purple to match my hula hoop and my bike. The light blue from the Tea-Soaked Letter video was the director, Ambar Navarro's idea because it matched the guitar that I borrowed for the shoot. I only get comfortable seeing my nails painted when the polish has chipped halfway off.

3. Favorite Elliott Smith album?


4. What comes first, the music or the lyrics?

I start with a chord progression, then a melody, but I try to work on them in the same sitting. I almost never write lyrics out, I just try out words and record them on my phone over and over until I get the finished version.

5. Favorite Sopranos character?

There are so many amazing women on the Sopranos. It's probably a tie between Carmela (Tony's wife) and Dr. Jennifer Melfi (his therapist). They both have a lot of depth. Carm's got the best outfits and I find her to be a major comedic source of the show, but Melfi provides an analytic framework for the viewer that's super Freudian and I'm into that.

6. Favorite places to bike to in Detroit?

Belle Isle of course!

7. Best piece of advice you've ever received?

One time I was listening to Weezer's Blue Album in the car with my mom. She turned down the volume during "No One Else" and told me "Don't ever let a man treat you like that."

8. What’s the most Pure Michigan thing you've ever experienced?

I went camping with some friends on Lake Michigan in a town called Manistee when we were probably 19. Someone forgot the poles to their tent so we had to sleep in the open air. We made gin and tonics in our drink cups from McDonald's, got completely sunburned and attacked by mosquitos, but it was a blast.

9. Favorite Fred Thomas related release?

It's hard for me to choose between All Are Saved and Changer because they're both amazing records. His song Bed Bugs makes me cry always. Changer feels super cohesive and flows so nicely with the ambient interludes. If I had to choose I would say Changer, and not just because I sing on it ;)

10. What are some of your tour essentials?

Dry Shampoo, an extra pair of contacts, headphones, tarot cards

11. Favorite piece of music gear you own?

I'm not really a gear head--like I rarely even have pedals onstage besides a tuner. But I love my Princeton Reverb amp. Fred also plays through one, and I totally copied him.

12. Telecasters vs. Mustangs?

Telecasters! My mom bought me mine when I was 13 from my cousin's boyfriend in Oklahoma who played in a Christian rock band. I've thought about getting a new guitar just for newness-sake, but I'm quite attached to it. I didn't have my tele when I was in LA shooting the Tea-Soaked Letter video so we borrowed the Mustang from Sean of the band Moaning. Stef Chura also plays his guitar in another video by the same director for her song Spotted Gold.

13. Where was the "2 Cool 2 Care" video filmed?

All around Detroit and in the burbs. The balcony scene was at my old apartment in Corktown. The hula hooping shots by the pool were in the backyard of my boyfriend's childhood home in Waterford. We drove/biked across the Belle Isle bridge, and at the end I jump into the Detroit river (it was October and the water was freezing!!)

14. Favorite city you've ever been to?

Berlin. New Orleans is a close second. I also loved Genova in Italy

15. Favorite record in your collection?

I'm not much of a vinyl collector, but having my own now is pretty damn cool!
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