And Just Like That, MSCHF Boot Dupes Have Arrived

Published: March 25, 2023

Even the Brooklyn tricksters aren’t safe from dupes.

MSCHF’s big red boots surfaced for the first time over a month ago, prompting an inescapable social media frenzy (they were literally everywhere). Between the virality and coveted status of $350 cartoon shoe, it was only a matter of time before we started to see reps pop up.

When googling MSCHF’s boots, amongst the top searches was one involving DHGate, the Chinese wholesale platform known for selling reps from Gucci handbags to Nike sneakers. As expected, there are several listings of fake MSCHF boots for dirt-cheap prices well below the retail.

Most recently, United Kingdom-based footwear brand EGO — famous for imitating just about everything from Yeezy heels to Givenchy’s Shark boots — introduced the cartoon boot dupe for $150.

When analyzing the shoes side by side, EGO’s lacks the color, shape, and overall detail compared to the MSCHF’s boots. Nonetheless, a glance from a distance would earn the knockoffs a pass as MSCHF’s headline-worthy pairs — and that’s all the validation needed for some folks.

If we’ve learned anything from Gen Z and its obsession with purchasing fake fashion (Chanel chain dress dupe, anyone?), it’s that copping reps is no longer embarrassing or frowned upon. If it’s the closest they’ll get to the real thing, then so be it.

Consider your wishes granted, Riana.

Then again, MSCHF’s boots aren’t entirely original designs themselves, rather they’re simply life-sized versions of Astro Boy’s boots. But, I doubt the Brooklyn-based art collective who has sold fake money stacks and $40 designer (shopping) bags is tripping over EGO or DHGate pushing dupes and fakes.

Days before its release, MSCHF’s boots occupied just about every corner of the internet, from celebs flexing their early pairs of the IRL Astro Boy boots to divisive social debates regarding whether the shoes were fire or just plain ridiculous.

In the aftermath, the shoes have inspired nail art and even furniture designs from artist Pitter Patter and its signature boot-leg tables.

Now, the dupe-ning of the MSCHF boots has commenced, probably much to TikTok’s liking.

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