Floppy God Pips

Published: June 27, 2011

So, yeah, no update for a month. Been busy, primarily writing things that people will pay me for… plus I had to skip the Mono show due to lack of friend-with-a-car (because the train timetable between Brighton and P-town is made of FAIL).

And, in the name of being honest, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for writing detailed reviews for their own sake; I remain convinced I produce better work when I write about things I’m genuinely interested in (be that in a positive or negative way), and I’ve encountered very little new music in the last few months that has made me think “whoa, this needs talking about!” This isn’t entirely unprecedented, either; the run-up to festival season tends to focus on promoting live appearances rather than new releases.

That said, the old certainties and traditions of the record industry apply less and less down in the trenches of the odd, independent and unconventional… and that’s definitely where I feel more at home these days. (I know, I know, I’m such an elitist.) And in a lot of cases the most I want to say about a band or record is “hey, listen to this” – not to endorse or praise as such, but to acknowledge some group of someones doing something interesting. Or odd, or terrifying, or cute, or…

And so, a new category of posts at TDP: “drive-bys”, of which you may consider this the first. The band in question are Leeds louts Floppy God, and their album is called Pips; it rattles through ten songs in not much more than twenty minutes, and its jagged and elastic bug-eyed take on post-punk (in the original and canonical sense of that much-misapplied genre label) is equal parts surreal, energetic and acerbic. Best of all, the whole album is embeddable from its Bandcamp page, meaning you can fill yer ears with it right here.

So what are you waiting for?

Indie / Progressive / Jazz
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