Ted, Just Admit It

Published: September 07, 2011

OK, so it’s time to face up to facts: I’ve been too busy with other stuff to get back into the swing of writing regular (or even occasional) reviews here of late, and given that I’m busily applying for new jobs and about to start a Masters degree (Creative Writing, thanks for asking!), that ain’t gonna change any time soon.

After all the time I spent cranking out reviews on this site, I’m not intending to deep-six it; it’ll stay here, and maybe I’ll pop in every once in a while when I have something to say about music or a specific record or show or whatever. But from this point forward I have to accept that TDP is pretty much mothballed for the foreseeable, and when it picks up again it will largely be an outlet for personal and critical ramblings about music rather than reviews, objective or otherwise.

In other words: if you’re waiting on or hoping for a review, you’re probably bang out of luck. I’m still open to offers of new stuff to listen to, but – as explained on the contact page, which you should use to get in touch with me on matters musical – I make no promises to listen to anything I’m sent, let alone write about it.

Well, unless the Pitchfork editorial people start answering my queries any time soon, that is… ;)

Thanks for reading. –Paul R

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