SWTF Interview: Acid King

Published: October 18, 2015

Acid King

Violent Resonance: Y’all haven’t been on tour in six years, and you pointed that out in your Facebook post when you announced the tour. You also took five years off between records. Any reason for this long gap, and how did you redefine your sound in that time?

Acid King: We actually have toured in Europe, Asia and Australia in the past 6 years we haven’t toured the U.S in 9 years. There wasn’t any official time off we never stopped playing we just stopped focusing on writing.   After years of touring in Europe the timing was right and we were ready to focus on finishing the record. I think over time we’ve just organically started to play what we’re playing now.

VR: The new record Middle of Nowhere is so good, and it seems a little more doomy and less desert rocky than your other work. What informed this? Are you all listening to more doom and heavier stuff these days?

Acid King: Thanks!   I wanted to have more of an atmospheric record this time around. I would say a definite Bowie influence! I listen to all kinds of stuff but I can say I’m definitely burnt out on I guess what you would call stoner rock. I never want to hear a drummer play the children of the grave drum beat ever again! Definitely more into music with tones and atmosphere these days.

VR: A lot of your music is about how great it is to ride motorcycles. How important is motorcycle culture in each of your lives, and how are you involved? How does this inform your sound, and what came first, the motorcycles or the music?

Acid King: I’m the only one with a bike and these days it doesn’t get ridden that much I’m afraid. It was a bigger part of my life years ago I always loved bikes, the biker culture. I read all the Hells Angels Books was very influenced by it all back in the day but not so much anymore. I love my bike but music came first and will come last! Sorry bike!

VR: Who are some of your biggest musical influences, in terms of people you grew up with or your all time favorites? Who are some of the artists you listen to today that you are just discovering?

Acid King: David Bowie #1 I’ve been a fan since I was in High School was always a big influence on me. I grew up on the 70’s so what is now classic rock was my rock. Zeppelin , Sabbath, Deep Purple were all a big part of my history, then new wave, punk and back to classic rock! Full Circle.

Def back in the late 80’s early 90’s Subpop was a big one for me Sound Garden , Mudhoney, Tad were awesome even early Nirvana. Lately (meaning in the past 5 years) Author and Punisher is great. I also dig Bohren and der Club of Gore.

VR: Do you have any plans to do another tour after this one, or any material for a 2016 or 17 album in the works?

Acid King: Def going back to Europe and working on an Australian , Japan tour. Nothing new in the works but we won’t be waiting another 10 years!

VR: Is this your first year playing Southwest Terror Fest? If so, what do you expect, and if not, when did you play in the past?

Acid King: Yes, our first. I really don’t know I heard it was awesome and we’re looking forward to it.

VR: What band are you most looking forward to seeing and being billed alongside on Southwest Terror Fest?

Acid King: Sorry to report our drives are so long I don’t think we will be able to see any besides the few that are right before us.

VR: Any plans to tour in conjunction with the fest or play any shows in the area before or after your billed time?

Acid King: Yes! Tour before and after

U.S. tour dates:

October 16 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick

October 17 Los Angeles, CA Complex

October 18 Tucson, AZ SW Terrorfest (Club Congress)

October 19 Albuquerque, NM Sister

October 21 Austin, TX Sidewinder

October 22 New Orleans, LA Siberia

October 23 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn

October 24 Raleigh, NC Kings

October 25 New York, NY Saint Vitus

October 26 Boston, MA Middle East

October 27 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie

October 28 Cleveland, OH Now That’s Class

October 29 Chicago, IL Reggie’s

October 30 St. Louis, MO Firebird

October 31 Kansas City, MO Riot Room

November 1 Denver, CO Hi Dive

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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