SWTF Interview: Hanta

Published: October 15, 2015


Violent Resonance: For those who may be unfamiliar with Hanta and your sound, tell us a little bit about yourselves, where you’re from, and what you sound like.

Hanta: We are burquenos (Albuquerque). Most of us grew up there except the Hawaii’an. We play punk/crust with stoner/sludge influences and some metal riffs ta’boot!

VR: What bands or musicians were playing in your house growing up? Did any of that have an effect on your music or taste in music as you grew older?

Hanta: Welllll….My uncle used to make me listen to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest when I was in elementary school.

VR: Tell us about the lyrical background behind Hanta’s music. What inspires you guys and what do you like to write or vent about?

Hanta: Our lyricist is really interested in history and all the brutal shit that’s happened over time, he sings about stuff like that in many of the songs. The rest of the lyrics are comprised of jokes about things like one of our friends being born with a beard…and corndogs.

VR: From the looks of your Facebook page, it seems like you guys like to have a lot of fun on the road. Tell us about a crazy, funny, or bizarre experience that’s happened to you on the road?

Hanta: Basically, as soon as we get into the van our collective IQ drops to about 64 all around. So we have fun, party, get drunk, and blast jams!!

VR: What do you think are the most positive and negative things about the scene where you’re from? What do you think has room for improvement?

Hanta: One of the positives is that all different genres play shows together and attend each other’s shows. Hell, we’ve played shows with funk bands while metalheads push hipsters all around.

VR: If you could put together a dream lineup for Hanta to be a part of, what bands would it include and why? Don’t stay inside the box either. If it involves bands or musicians outside of the genre, by all means please share.

Hanta: Gojira, From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone, Judas Priest.

VR: Any future recording/album release plans for Hanta? Touring plans? What are you guys going to be up to leading up to the fest?

Hanta: We released our first self-titled album earlier this year and went around Texas and Louisiana. We’ve got a fair bit of new material that we are planning on getting recorded soon (hopefully we will get a split with Communion of Thieves or maybe even Swamp Wolf). There was some drunken banter with Dead to a Dying World about maybe doing a tour soon.

VR: Who are you most looking forward to sharing the stage with/watching at Southwest Terror Fest this year?

Hanta: Stoked to share the stage with Dead to a Dying World again so soon! As always we are looking forward to seeing our buds Swamp Wolf and 908.

VR: Are there any other bands you guys are involved in that you’d care to talk about? Past projects? Provide links if ya want.

Hanta:  Mike’s been in a band called Ronoso which has been an Albuquerque staple for a decade!! They are sick!!

VR: Provide us with some links so we can pass them along to our readers to check out Hanta before the fest. Also provide us with links to purchase your music if that’s available too.

Hanta: You can find us on Bandcamp. There are four songs there and we will have CD’s at the show. Anyone can hit us up on Facebook for special requests, merch, and shows.

See all you guys soon and we will all make fun and crazy times!

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