My Keurig Vue V700 Brewer

Published: April 11, 2012

If you haven’t noticed yet, over the past year I have begun using my blog to write about different interesting and unique products that I use and figure that people would want to hear about, and today I have another one for you. I’m not sure if any of you all out there are coffee drinkers like me but if you are today’s post will certainly interested you. If you are an everyday general coffee enthusiast it will excited you, however if you are a coffee purist then I’m certain you will soon be headed to the comments sections to tell me all about how Keurig brewers don’t make ‘real’ coffee.

Keurig brewers seem to be taking an interesting turn in their functionality. The recently-released Keurig Vue V700 Brewer not only lets you make many of the same coffees, teas, and hot chocolate drinks that you have been able to prepare in previous brewers, but now it lets you make specialty cafe-style beverages, like vanilla lattes and cappuccinos. This requires a two-step process with a frother Vue Pack, and a coffee Vue Pack, but I think it is well worth the money you’d save over going to a chain coffee shop!

I’ve used various Keurig brewers in the past, but now have the Vue V700, since it lets you make custom drinks, which is the company’s response to people who like their drinks served their way. For previous Keurig brewing systems, all you had to do was put the K-Cup in the brewer, and brew the drink. With the Vue V700 Brewer, you put the Vue Pack into the brewer, and select the size, strength, and temperature of the drink you want on the easy-to-use touchscreen display. This lets you make a 4 – 18 oz. drink in the strength, and temperature, that you like. With some other Keurig brewers, you had to refill the water reservoir each time you wanted a drink. Not that this is a huge deal, but the new Vue V700 has a 74 ounce water reservoir, so you don’t need to refill it nearly as often. This is a great feature. And the best thing about this little guy is that I can have my single cup of coffee brewed and ready for me in just a couple minutes if not less. I really do love my Vue V700. But don’t just take my word for it, read reviews from

Like I mentioned earlier, the new Vue brewer comes with many of the same coffees and teas that have been used with the original Keurig brewers. Some of the top flavors are from Barista Prima, Caribou Coffee, Celestial Seasonings, Coffee People, Emeril’s, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain Coffee, Newman’s Own Organics, Timothy’s, Tully’s, and Van Houtte. Some of these companies even produce Vue Packs that are specifically designed to be used with travel mugs, which is great news for me, since I’m always drinking coffee and tea in the car. Overall, I’m very excited with the direction this new line of brewers from Keurig is going. Since the Vue V700 is the only brewer out, I can’t be sure that the company will continue to produce these custom brewers, but with numerous models of the previous edition, I think the company will continue to tweek its design to make the best brewer possible. For more information check out the video that I have provided below.


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