Doudou Ndiaye Rose, the percussion maestro

Published: August 20, 2015
The artist has died in Dakar at the age of 85
The legendary Senegalese percussion maestro Doudou Ndiaye Rose was every bit as much a poet as a musician. An unrivalled virtuoso when it came to drumming techniques, Rose possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of music and appeared to be able to transcribe just about everything he saw, heard and felt into rhythm. Rose, once dubbed “the Jimi Hendrix of the drumskin”, will be remembered as one of the greatest African musicians of the 20th century. This revered and respected percussionist certainly earned his official title of "Chief Drum Major of Senegal."
© AFP/Seyllou Diallo
Senegalese percussion maestro Doudou Ndiaye Rose in Dakar, october 14th 2010.
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