Bambara / Grim Streaker / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge / The Infra-Men @ Sunnyvale – 1.5.18

Published: February 03, 2018

Jesus FUCK, this gig was a month ago? I’m a terrible, terrible unemployed presence. This show was a benefit for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and offered a choice lineup (some of which I missed) of weirdos honored to pay homage to the high priest/ess of becoming.

The Infra-Men

Deadpan, deathtrap concrete surf soundtracks. I would’ve liked this band a whole lot better if they gave they slightest indication that playing guitar was still a sexy vocation but a riff is a riff is a riff, right?

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Genesis is not well and that’s heartbreaking because Genesis should be forever like time and sex and joy but s/he like me, like you is doomed to suffer the wills of a body and bodies can be such pieces of shit. Still, here s/he is with her oxygen and gold teeth and cane rocking a DJ set of (once) radical liberation.

Grim Streaker

Great name. Great band. Not sure how they stack up on wax but they fucking kill it live. Four forcefully competent dudes laying out the fuzz punk racket and one ferocious fucking frontwoman who was either completely shitfaced or startlingly adept at presenting the sloppy nihilism of another whiskey midnight.


Man, I fucking love this band and really wish they had been around when I was first learning about all the crazy shit two consenting adults could do to/with each other because, to be honest, there are only but so many times you can corpse play to “Mutiny in Heaven” before you start to get the sinking feeling that you might seriously be going to hell.

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