HYMNS A Punch To The Temple

Published: July 21, 2011

Couple of years back, there was a spazzcore outfit called Blakfish who played down here in P-town a few times. They had a mad and angular batshit energy that was very impressive, even when their music was at its most cluttered and cacophonous – which was, well, most of the time, albeit in a good and melody-packed kind of way.

Aaaaaaaaanyways, Blakfish split up for some reason or another (my suspicion is that when you put four hyperactive young nutcases in a single tour bus, tempers are bound to fray), andHYMNS are one of the projects that have grown, mushroom-like, from the corpse thereof.HYMNS are a drums’n'singin’guitarist twopiece (which seems to be one of the more popular band formats of the moment), and as such their tunes are a lot less busy than those of Blakfish, though they’ve retained their knack for deceptively simple melodies that get jammed in your brainmeat very easily. To get yerself a taste, here’s the video for “A Punch To The Temple”; it’s not the most distinguished video ever, but it does at least get away from the “film the band rocking out in some tiny room strewn with broken stuff!” thing*. And the song’s pretty good, too.

Good, eh? The first properHYMNS release will be a live DVD called Revelations, due out late next month. Guess “the album” really is a dead format after all**. You can tell they’re hipstercore to the max because they don’t have a website, they’ve got a Tumblr, and Tumblr is blates the replacement for MySpazz***.

[ * I'm one to whine, aren't I? Heck, I cut my musical teeth in the earlyNineties, where the apogee of alternative cool was the "film the band using grainy out-of-date Super-8 stock while they're staring at their effects pedals in a huge deserted factory somewhere outside Goole!" model of music video production. Kids these days, don't know they;re born, etc etc etc. ]

[ ** Well, obviously it isn't yet, but y'know. Getting there. ]

[ *** That's right, I was hating on hipsterTumblrs before the hipsters even started using Tumblr. That's just how metahipster I really am. ]

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