MCA protects his artistic property

Published: August 21, 2012

Even though theres a decent amount of money to be made from music being placed in advertisements, some artists dont take part for one reason or anotherthe idea that its somehow selling out is pretty common.

When artists die, though, the choice is sometimes out of their hands, and those that were against the practice in life can be seen to apparently promote any number of products and services after their deaths.

Beastie Boy Adam MCA Yauch had the forethought to deal with this issue in his will, specifying that his name, his image, and his artistic property cannot be used in advertisements.

Just five days after MCAs death in May, the Monster Energy Drink company started using the Beasties’ images and music in ads, and oh yes, Mike D and Ad-Rock have filed suit, seeking both an injunction and a significant amount of money.

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