Pottery – Welcome To Bobby’s Motel (album review)

Published: July 21, 2020

Photo: Luke Orlando

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Pottery perform live twice. And both times I came away impressed and both times I came away saying that’s the best I’ve seen a band recreate the vibe of late 70s Talking Heads circa Remain In Light.

Montreal’s Pottery slots into the post-ponk genre but their use of propulsive rhythms courtesy of drummer Paul Jacocs makes these tracks something to get off your ass and move around to. Hot Heater was the lead single and it really does a great job of capturing their frenetic live show. In fact on Bobby’s Forecast, lead singer Austin Boylan asks for the drums during a dizzying track that sounds like a blend of Paul’s Boutique and Khruangbin.

If you want an album that to get the juices flowing, I can’t recommend this enough. These guys have put a phenomenal debut and their live show is a must see.

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Pottery is here

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