S.G. Goodman – Old Time Feeling (album review)

Published: July 24, 2020

Photo by Michael Wilson

I have been spinning the shit out of MMJ’s latest, The Waterfall II. I think it is their best since Z. But during those repeated listens, an albums with ties to MMJ came out and it warrants your attention. Old Time Feeling is S.G. Goodman’s debut and it was produced by none other than Jim James.

Opening up Space and Time, an old fashioned twang crooner that will immediately remind you of Patsy Cline; I thought I knew what I was in store for across the album. To say I was surprised by the title track that comes next is an understatement. It is still rooted to Americana but weaves in psych rock and you know you stay on your toes.

Raised in a strict farming family on the Mississippi Delta, Goodman tackles her Southern upbringing with a yearn for a progressive future with vivid imagery. This debut feels like something someone would be pulling off on their fourth or fifth album. It is wildly creative and expertly executed.

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Indie / Progressive / Jazz
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