Sputnikmusic Release of the Month: March

Published: April 28, 2024


Frail Body-Artificial Bouquet

To put it simply, Frail Body’s Artificial Bouquet is an immense record. From the clear influences of Converge and Deafheaven being found in almost all corners of the band’s sound, it is obvious that this was going to be the case. The band plays their strongest hand all the time – their seemingly innate ability to arrive at the needed potency for each moment. The riffs feel like an explosion for each harsh, dissonant chord that is attacked, and the visceral vocals manage to add even more intensity to the overall composition. However, this abrasive soundscape isn’t the band’s only trick. Before the album’s most effective crescendos, the band tones it down to rather lush soundscapes. While they may not last long, they do maximise the catharsis of these crescendos to their fullest potential. In its essence, Artificial Bouquet’s main goal is to be an emotional catharsis for both the band members and the listeners. They without a doubt achieved this goal, making for an absolutely monstrous 41 minutes of raw, honest chaos.


Pop / Top 40 / General
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