The Weeks @ The Ryman Auditorium

Published: February 12, 2014

A few weeks back I went to the Ryman in Nashville to see Jake Bugg, upcoming singer-songwriter from England, along with The Skins and The Weeks. I expected a great show from Bugg, but I hadn’t taken the time to listen to The Weeks prior to the show.

As soon as they hit the stage they had the audience in the palm of their hands. Their energy was strong and for a few seconds I forgot that they were the opening act. They sang the fan favorites such as “Buttons” and “Slave to the South,” but they also played songs from their old EP and previous album.

Lead singer, Cyle Barnes, has a unique tone to his voice, and when he performs you can sense he is comfortable in his art. The interaction between the band members also adds to the performance; they dance around, feed off each others solos, and simply have a good time.

The crowd was on their feet throughout the entire set and they were easily one of the best bands Ive seen perform live. At the end of the night they got their gear together and filed out of the Rymans side door into the alley with back packs and guitar cases. No entourage, no quick escape- simply taking in the night and enjoying the company of friends and new listeners.

At the beginning of February they wrapped up their tour with Jake Bugg and embarked on a solo tour through select US cities. Click here for dates.

The Weeks standing in the Ryman's side alley

The Weeks standing in the Ryman’s side alley

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