Wits End/Perfect Future split 7"

Published: January 27, 2012

Wits End/Perfect Future - splitFrom a whopping five cooperating labels (Ash From Sweat, Carucage Records, Lilla Himmel, debygd, and strictly no capital letters) comes this succinct split 7" offering up one track apiece from Wits End (Norway) and Perfect Future (Maryland). Wits End kicks things off with the nearly six-minute "Wounds" and its loose, jangly, angular riffing and frantically shouted/screamed vocals coming from all directions. The production is even rawer and more stripped down than their past efforts, with a slightly thin, distant ruggedness to it. Perfect Future then follows with an untitled five-minute piece of their own, which is shockingly similar in both style and production values. The vocals toss in a hint more variety (a little bit of singing, etc.), but both of these bands are basically as authentic as you can get in terms of nailing that classic "emo" sound of the early- to mid-90's. You know, the bands that were bursting blood vessels from screaming so intensely at 12 people in a filthy concrete basement in the middle of nowhere, selling unmarked black 7"s with nothing but a screenprinted piece of cardboard out of the back of a busted-up van after the show. If you have fond memories of those days, you should totally flip out over this stuff. I'm always looking forward to more along these lines…

The vinyl is limited to a mere 350 copies, so make the grab while you still can…


@ Ash From Sweat
@ Carucage Records
@ debygd
@ strictly no capital letters

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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