Famishgod – Rotting Ceremony (2021)

Published: April 02, 2022

Bad doom metal focuses on aesthetic and technique to create a mood for consumers to purchase the way you would clothing at an outlet mall. Good doom metal subtly manipulates mood throughout the course of a piece in order to create the impression of expanding depth within a singular atmosphere.

Fortunately, Famishgod come to us from the latter camp. Their more maudlin, goth-rock inspired moments may strain the tolerance of some listeners, but a habit of massaging these themes via forward momentum into churning death metal riffing keeps this tendency in check.

In fact, it is this development of single-picked notes over shuddering chords into either flowing tremolo, or violent rhythms that achieves the aforementioned expansion of mood. Famishgod show us how an exploration of sorrow can result in conflict, but also revelation. If anything, their fault is not bringing their most intense moments to their height, even if that would perhaps betray the seeming aim of doom metal to be music that quietly develops in the background of your mind.

Pako Deimler – All instruments
Dave Rotten – Vocals

1. The Sun, the Death
2. Ascencion
3. Fear Your Own Shadow
4. Deep Fall
5. Rotting Paradise
6. Crystal Palace
7. Earthly

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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