Published: August 09, 2015
WRITTEN BY: Landon Noise
Okay once again I'm going to go see my current favorite band the Gerbil Turds, and hope you do too. On Saturday, August 22, 2015, The Gerbil Turds-- who by the way are a fast paced, quick witted, sarcastic, drunk, loaded punk rock 4-piece that can make you love them one moment and despise them the next-- will be at the Helter Skelter Lounge, along with two other musical delights. That being said, the music is very good-- especially if you like sing-a-longs and melodic punk rock. If that's the style you like then you should get away from your current home based bar and drive out to the one and only Helter Skelter Lounge in Poulsbo, WA. 

A Tacoma favorite, Psycho 78, is also on the bill-- and these guys rock! Great music and fun dudes who have been playing music together for a long time. If you haven't seen these Tacoma punks, I will tell you one thing about Psycho 78; they may or may not be a Misfits cover band.

Next, Chile Mutiny out of Bremerton. I've seen these guys several times and they play good music, but seem to be missing the spark of excitement-- but that can change any time during any song. 

Now when Saturday gets here, those of you in Poulsbo and outside of Poulsbo get off your asses, away from your local bar and get down to the Helter Skelter Lounge.

Where? Poulsbo! 
When? Saturday August 22nd, music starts at 9 PM. 
Cost? FREE!

This will be a fun and exciting drunken loaded four hour festival of the best bands no money can buy.

By the way the Helter Skelter Lounge needs people to support the bands. The bartenders are 
great and the owner can not support the scene by himself.
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