ZEDD x EMPIRE OF THE SUN x MAT ZO x CRYSTAL WATERS – Gypsy Is Alive (Eluusif Mashup)

Published: June 23, 2013

Enclosure:(audio/mpeg) http://www.aerialnoise.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Zedd-x-Empire-Of-The-Sun-x-Mat-Zo-x-Crystal-Waters-Gypsy-Is-Alive-Eluusif-Mashup.mp3

Instead of relying on intuition and insight to be that inner-edge to reveal the truth behind any current issue or problem, the inaccurate trend seems to rest more on what others tell each other – and to instead – embrace the ever-complex logic of paranoia and misdirection.

If a poll has been cast and all the votes have been legitimately counted, don’t complain about the overall outcome – and especially more so, if you didn’t even cast a vote in the first place.

Sub-letting tenants (or anybody by that matter) who gradually reveal their real, selfish, hidden personality and greed-based mindset will always fail miserably by karma, or the truest form of judgement known to man.

Now that the roll call of customary rants is complete until next time, Eluusif puts his ears to the ground and hears a couple of electro house vibrations that are worth your frank attention. Zedd, Empire Of The Sun, Mat Zo and Crystal Waters get the space invader glossed-up shine.

Yazid Le Voyageur, Insix and newcomer Buddy Rogers provide the additional audio brilliance.

Zedd x Empire Of The Sun x Mat Zo x Crystal Waters – Gypsy Is Alive (Eluusif Mashup)


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