Interviews: The Coathangers

Published: April 26, 2017
Don’t mess with the Coathangers. They will jack you up. 2017 marks the trio’s tenth year of busting out completely kicking, totally catchy, often hilarious garage-punk. And one thing that has held constant for the group is that throughout the past decade, the group has had each other's backs, resulting in a band that rolls as a unified, hard rumbling unit.

Their last album, Nosebleed Weekend found them focusing more than ever before on melody and song craft, resulting in a killer release that balanced a punk smash against girl-group ear candy. But now, the women in the Coathangers are pissed off. Parasite, their upcoming EP, was inspired by assholes at the global and the personal level. To get the scoop on the fuel for Parasite, Punknews’ John Gentile spoke guitarist Julia Kugel.
Rock / Metal / Alternative
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