163: (39 min - 120-180) Maura Streppa and More!

Published: April 01, 2019

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The 163rd episode of the JTIP features 2 tracks by Maura Streppa and 9 other outstanding indie artists with 9 great tracks, for another great run-to-the-beat workout. The dominant genres are mixed. The BPM range is from a walking pace of 120 to a marathon pace at 180. If any tracks are too fast for you, please change your pace or shorten your stride. The main thing is to run safe.

Artists: Maura Streppa, S.P.L., TRICK, Twist Helix, Whispering Sons, Sasha K.A, Mantis Empire, Three Guests, Kenny Roby and 6 String Drag, INDT


Artists in This Episode
(Names are links to their primary websites)

Maura Streppa



Twist Helix

Whispering Sons

Sasha K.A

Mantis Empire

Three Guests

Kenny Roby and 6 String Drag


My thanks goes to all of the artists for their generous music contributions and to the promotion companies for helping to provide the talent and tracks for the show.

Check out the track details, purchase options, and more info on this episode's podcast page on JogTunes.com.

Also on JogTunes.com, you'll find purchase links to all of the tunes from our podcast episodes as well as over 3400 BPM-rated workout tunes by major label and indie label artists.

Enjoy the show and may your next run be your best one.

Dr. Bob

Please note: You should consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  Neither JogTunes nor Dr. Bob will be liable for any complications, injuries, loss or other medical problems arising from or in connection with using this service. Also, please note that "BPM" (beats per minute) refers to the tempo of a tune and the number of foot falls per minute, not your heart rate.

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