Umoja — 707 (Out 19 May, 2017)

Published: April 28, 2017

Proud to announce ATFA’s collaboration with legendary South African pop artist “Om”Alec Khaoli, whose band Umoja recorded several astoundingly danceable records in the 1980s. Known for his work with Harari and the Beaters before Umoja, “Om” Alec created a singular oeuvre of funk/rock/folk/disco musis uring the course of his decades-long reign as one of the most influential artists in the highly challenging (to put it mildly) apartheid-era music scene.

Out May 19, 2017 on LP/CD/Digital is “707,” perhaps the band’s most successful outing, which was originally released in 1988. Love and vocoder, positivity and synth. This recording rocks short and sweet, with a dollop of electronic post-disco hook-y songwriting. Every song was a top ten hit at the time, and to me this music feels timeless.

If in doubt, check the vintage music video for title track “707” and dare to ignore the inimitable—and ultimately groundbreaking—allure of Umoja.

Pre-order: Bandcamp / Amoeba / Rush Hour / Boomkat / HHV / Benelux

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