Making Pedals Sound SH*TTY With THAT PEDAL SHOW

Published: May 25, 2018

The boys of That Pedal Show are known for teaching their audience how to make pedals sound like absolute gold. That’s why they have their show – to save you from bad tone. Dan and Mick are also great guitarists, which makes good tone even better.

At Thomann Gearhead University last week, I wanted to issue them the ultimate challenge – can we make a pedalboard sound shitty? Can we take some normally great pedals, and tweak the available parameters in a way that sounds bad? Can we get unusable sounds from them? That’s the hardest part – every sound, even really “bad” ones, have some kind of contextual use.

So that’s what we set out to do in this video – I feel like I succeeded at least a little bit, and making Dan cringe is one of my proudest moments.

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