ANGEL VIVALDI Plays “….. (Five)” Through a MESA BOOGIE Mark Five: 35 on “Tone Sessions”

Published: March 24, 2017

Angel Vivaldi, a Mesa Boogie artist and all-around incredible guitar player, jammed through one of his tracks in the latest installment of “Tone Sessions.” Mesa produces these videos, and they actually end up being a really cool/clever way of showcasing both a piece of gear and a player. The name of the game is letting the artist and the amp speak, which ultimately makes for the best demos. This time around, Angel played “…..(Five)” from his 2014 release – Away With Words – through a Mark Five: 35. Something about saying “five” three times in a sentence is really disconcerting. Just me?

To show off the Mark Five: 35, Angel dialed in a couple tones he’d use in say, a live setting. What’s super nifty about this head, though, is that it features 6 uniquely-voiced “modes.” Clean, Fat, Crunch, Mark IIC+, Mark IV, and Xtreme (lol) are all modal options in addition to the amp’s 2 channels. In this demo, he used Mark IV mode on Channel 2 for warm, singing lead sustain and Crunch mode on Channel 1 for chord passages. Angel could probably make a tin can sound tits, but he and the Mark Five: 35 are a damn fine pair.

Head here for the full scoop/to give yourself GAS, and keep tabs on Angel Vivaldi right hurr.

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