Homophobic airplane passenger called the cops on Mykki Blanco

Published: February 21, 2017

Rapper and notable Pornhub collaborator Mykki Blanco has detailed a strange encounter with a fellow Delta airline passenger which resulted in the police getting involved.

The unnamed passenger was reportedly uncomfortable sitting beside “someone like” Mykki, and decided the best way to alleviate their discomfort was to report Blanco to the cops. After sleeping through the flight from Toronto to Detroit, Mykki was awoken by a police officer, who proceeded to tell the rapper that an FBI report would be made and there would be jailtime involved if Mykki continued to ask questions about why the officer was “giving preferential treatment” to the offended passenger.

Mykki sums up the encounter:

Yep, sounds about right.

Delta, for their part, noticed the impending brand damage and reached out in an attempt to resolve the issue, saying that “discrimination of any kind” isn’t tolerated on their flights. Mykki will continue on the Stunt Queen Tour alongside Cakes Da Killa.

[H/T Nylon]

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