It's not the end....

Published: October 13, 2009

Well my friends I think I owe you an explanation for my long absence from mexicovers, the thing is that I got a full time job a little more than 2 years ago so it became imposible to keep up with all the work that this place needs, I was used to upload 1 album per week, you can say it's an easy job but it really isn't, first I had to buy the record, then clean it, make the transfer to my computer, clean the audio, scan the covers and so on....the process from start to finish took me almost 3 days (95% of the albums here were done that way).

I once envisioned this place to be like a starting point and a reference to all things mexican, specially retro design and vintage mexican music, in order to give people from other cultures a glimpse of what mexican culture USED to be, you know... there was really a time when we had good music, good films, great design and a great culture overall.

Anyways, the sad thing here is that I had a series of (computerly speaking) tragedies:

  1. My hard disks were getting full so I decided to buy a 1Tb Seagate Hard disk to back up everything I had "dowloaded" back from 6 years ago, hard to get vinyl transfers, movies, family pictures, etc., etc.
  2. The new 1Tb disk was defective, so I lost the data 3 days later (data means E-VERY-THING I-HAD).
  3. Decided to replace the faulty disk and got a new one, but at that very same time I was moving from my old house to a new one and found out (the hard way), that the electrical wiring was faulty, so one day I came back from work to find everything plugged in was blown.
  4. I'm using a live CD (KANOTIX) right now, but my hard disks are gone, I don't wan't mexicovers to disappear, but at the moment there's nothing much I can do. So until more prosper times, I'll go idle for a while.
  5. Come back soon, I intend to keep alive and update this place in the not so distant future.
  6. I'll try to answer the mail.
  7. Finally, thanks for visiting mexicovers and remember to play all records only on Stereo Equipment!.
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