Track Premiere: Set and Setting - '...The Idyllic Realm'

Published: January 17, 2017

Set and Setting bring a unique sound to the metal genre. Having toured with bands like Mouth of the Architect, Inter Arma and Kayo Dot, the post-rockers throw a hint of psychedelia and even a metallic edge into their sound. There are also two drummers in Set and Setting. The end result is a captivating, wordless genre amalgam.

“...The Idyllic Realm” starts off restrained, slowly building into faster, more energetic territories with faster drumming and, later in the song, tremolo picking. Though the instrumentalists forgo any vocals, Set and Setting still provide a song that feels as if it reaches a natural start, climax and end. 

"We have always set out to write heavy, dark songs but with a melody that counteracts it," guitarist Shane Handal says. "The last few minutes of '...The Idyllic Realm' were written to counteract the long trudging of the beginning. A sort of uplifting and peaceful ending to a long dark beginning."

Reflectionless is Set and Setting’s upcoming album featuring “...The Idyllic Realm” and will be released independently on January 27. 

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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