The Reklaws on Blending Genres to Find Their Sound

Published: November 22, 2018

Posted on ANDPOP:

If you’re into country music, you need no introduction to Canadian duo The Reklaws. If you’re not into country music… the Reklaws will probably change that. Brigitte sits down with the brother-sister team to talk 2018 success, family, and their newest EP Long Live the Night.

Since popping into the Canadian country scene in 2013, Jenna and Stuart Walker have been hard at work performing with country greats like Blake Shelton, song-writing, and splitting time between Toronto and Nashville. Like all good country babies, they adore Nashville and are inspired by the calibre of talent there, often finding themselves engrossed by concerts and studiously observing other acts. But like all good Canadians, they love their home and native land and the great big family that is the Canadian country music scene. Aww.

Okay, so let’s crack open why The Reklaws’ music is SO CATCHY. First of all, their lyrics: “The stars are falling like confetti, so wish on one before they’re gone” and “All the beers, and the years, gonna fly on by” – I mean, try not to bop your head to THAT. We dare you.

After growing up full throttle country, Jenna and Stuart were exposed to pop and rap influences in university and have made an effort to infuse those vibes in their writing. With recent cross-overs between pop and country genres (remember when Taylor swift was pure country, y’all?) Jenna maintains that “genres are genres but, at the end of the day it’s just music”. Well said, Jenna!

You should probably see what the fuss is all about. Lucky for you, you can check out The Reklaws when they perform at the Grey Cup Opener, on November 26th. Once you’re obsessed with them, you can look forward to their new EP – hopefully infused with the summer vibes you will be craving by the time it rolls out in early 2019.

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