REVIEW: !!! (ChkChkChk)

Published: June 17, 2017

Prior to the show I had limited knowledge on !!! (ChkChkChk) and I can honestly say nothing would have prepared me for what I was about to experience. Leading up to the show I was wary, my observations of the crowd indicated that my friend and I were definitely half the age of majority of the people there. I was terrified that I dragged my friend to a show she’d regret and that somehow not being the target demographic would make the show unpleasant for me. In that moment I forgot how music transcends sociocultural characteristics and !!!’s non-stop high energy performance and equally enthusiastic crowd reminded me of that.

Waiting patiently for the show to start, I looked down at my phone for about 3 minutes in-between the opening act, Prince Ness, and !!! and before I knew it, the dance floor doubled with fans waiting in anticipation. Looking back this was a telltale sign of the night to come. As we slowly approached show time I watched more and more people gather to the front of the stage to the point where there was barely anyone sitting down. At 10:30pm on the dot lead singer Nic Offer and back-up singer Meah Pace immediately got the party started and it was non-stop for the whole night. Even waiting for the mandatory encore was quick.

Veterans of the music scene, it’s no surprise that !!! knew how to put on a showstopper. With 7 albums to draw from, it’s no wonder that the band didn’t over-rely on their newest album Shake The Shudder. The set list had banger after banger with no breaks in-between including hits such as “Freedom!”, “Slyd”, “The One 2”, “Dancing Is The Best Revenge” and “Heart of Hearts”. Offer and Pace were the perfect duo that created an entertaining performance with hand whirling, head bobbing dance moves. Their unapologetic dancing was truly infectious and in no time everyone was in the groove. At one point Offer mentioned high-fiving everyone in the crowd and he stayed true to his word when he jumped off stage doing just that. The fun atmosphere and upbeat dance-punk jams bonded the audience while demonstrating how !!! are literally the embodiment of their band name. !!! described Shake The Shudder as “a fancy way of saying ‘shake it off and dance your cares away’” and despite my initial doubts, I left thinking they accomplished exactly that.

Check out Shake the Shudder below!

Post by : Tayler Wong


REVIEW: !!! (ChkChkChk) by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.

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