AMEA’s Creative Prowess Continues to Transcend Genre

Published: January 07, 2017

There is a piercing, contagious blend of bravery and excitement that fills the room and the soul when AMEA performs. Her message is the human experience. To match the beautiful balance that is such, it’s no wonder her ability to include the listener transcends genre.

Lyrically unapologetic and a true student of music, AMEA grew up listening to everything from Motown and disco to alternative rock. Her SoundCloud is riddled with past projects that further solidified a creative prowess for singing, rapping and songwriting.

In your feelings? Bump “Cryptonite.” Need a nostalgic 80s jam? Listen to “OhShxt WhatIf.” Like The Beatles? Check out her cover of “Oh Darling.” Ready for a banger? “Mood” is your answer. With lyrics like “I love you when you sober, can’t stand you when you drunk” and “I might be crazy, you got me so high,” AMEA perfectly encapsulates experiences we’ve had and things we wish we had said.

After experimenting for two years, AMEA’s latest EP, “Colour Series,” feels like a breakthrough. Officially classified as R&B/Soul, these tracks exude a confidence of execution; a shift past the observational aspect of her songwriting to a declaration of style and talent.

Written by Sara Rios

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