Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) - Spring (Sydney Festival) | Moshcam - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 08, 2013
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Nick Zinner and members of the Australian Youth Orchestra performing Spring live at Sydney Festival: Sydney Opera House in Sydney on 22 January 2012.

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In response to the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner composed the extraordinary 41 Strings. The piece is part concerto in the classical tradition, but with the modern rock 'n' roll feel one would expect from Zinner.

A musician who consistently surprises with his versatility, Zinner conducts and plays an in-the-round experience with an impressive line-up of acoustic and electric strings, ranging from violins to electric bass (with some drums and synths thrown in for good measure).

Using Vivaldi's Four Seasons as inspiration, Zinner's music chronicles the ups and downs of the seasons in a swirling mass of strings and percussion. At times dark and moody, 41 Strings is also hopeful and ultimately joyful.

Joining Zinner for the 41 Strings' second ever outing are friends and co-collaborators Hisham Akira Bharoocha (Soft Circle, Black Dice, The Boredoms) and Ben Vida (Soft Circle, Town and Country, Bird Show). Together with a core band and members of the Australian Youth Orchestra they complete the large string ensemble.
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