Erotic Biljan & His Heretics

Zagreb, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Rock / Punk
Dancing Bear
Once upon a time there were two bands, one was playing 50s blues, the other 70s punk rock. Members of these two bands found a common ground 60s garage music and founded Electric Biljan And His Heretics, later as a joke renamed Erotic Biljan And His Heretics. Why heretics? Because we're sort of Rock'n'roll Heretics, we still believe in rock and roll!!! =========== ========== ======== ========== ========= ========== ========== ==========
Shared stage with: DKT / MC5 (USA), Supersuckers (USA), The Cynics (USA), The Morlocks (USA), The Fuzztones (USA), Jim Jones Revue (UK), Juliette And The Licks (USA), Five Horse Johnson (USA), Kings Of Nuthin (USA), Horrorpops (DK), The M.A.S.S. (GB), Meteors (GB), Lombego Surfers (CH/USA), The Nomads (SWE), The Staggers (AUT), Rodriguez (AUT), The Giraffe Men (GER), The Babies (HR), The Mad Men (HR), The Bambi Molesters (HR), The Spoons (HR), Messerschmitt (HR), The Welcomin' Committee In Flames (HR), Thee Knuckleheads (HR), Muskat Hamburg (SLO), Res Nullius (SLO), No Rules (BIH), Voodoo Cadillac (BIH) . and many more!
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