TURBO - WHIRLPOOL (BalconyTV) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 20, 2014
TURBO performs the song "WHIRLPOOL" for BalconyTV.
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Turbo was born in 2005 by the founding members' love of rock and roll mixing styles of grunge, progressive and garage. From the beginning of 2006 the band started to play gigs on a regular basis and by spring 2007 their first EP, "Boarman sessions" was completed in Germany.
After some member changes the final line-up is: Balázs Tanka -- lead singer, Vigh Dávid -- guitars, Dure -- keys + vocals, Jero -- bass, Jávor Delov -- drums.

The video of the song One More Time from the EP received positive feedbacks from the audience and Hungarian MTV alike. The song and the video topped most of the charts.
In January 2009 Turbo represented Hungary at the EuroSonic in the Netherlands and from this year onwards the band has been invited to the most renowned festi- vals (Sziget, VOLT, Hegyalja, SZIN...) in Hungary.
In the second half of 2008 Turbo recorded their first LP, entitled Vol. 1 to be released in 27th February 2009 on MamaZone label. The record became "Album of the Year" by the votes of Radio Café listeners. As part of the request by MR2 Petőfi Radio to play an acoustic concert the band covered a song by the famous Hungarian rock band P. Mobil, which brought them unexpected success.

In 2009 at Sziget Festival Turbo also took part in the "Music against Racism" concert event and by the end of the year they put out their next video for the song Heavyweight promises.
In February 2010 at the Fonogram Music Award ceremony the band performed a song and won "Best Pop-Rock Album of the Year". The same year they went on to play at the Serbian Exit Festival and MTV Icon in Siófok, Hungary.
Turbo's second LP, "Lost Measure" was released on 12th May 2011. The debut of the album took place on Lángoló Gitárok (Flaming Guitars), Hungary's most visited music blog.

In July of the same year they performed in Sophia, Bulgaria and the band's concert was received with unprecedented enthusiasm.
At the end of 2012 the band shot their first acoustic video as a forerunner of an upcoming acoustic LP.
In June 2013 the band hit the studio again to record their third LP. The new record will blend the more straightforward rock grooves of the first LP with the second album's progressive touch. They also invite some guest musicians from the electronic scene to contribute to the new soundscape including Solar Fields, the Swedish electronic music artist.
The band's third album is due for release in February 2014.



Host: Dorottya Toth
Producer: Renato Horvath
Co-producer/Booking: Daniel Somlo
Cameraman: Dani Stamusz
Sound: Ferenc Stamusz (Stamusic. Studios)

Location: A38

Host's clothes provided by: RETROCK

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