Cas One

Evansville, Indiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Soul / Rap
Unraveled Records
I sew together my monsters and make em look purty. It's hard to talk about yourself and not sound arrogant. It's hard to be a rapper and not look arrogant. I use an ego as a shield. Just like you. I talk about it in my music. We can relate. I rap songs. I work slowly on projects. "I got more fans than the average man but still live check to check". I think about music 100% of the time but am a musician 25%. Listen to my songs. Hopefully you wont have to ask what they're about.

I've put out an album called Liberation, Its gotten a lot of good reviews and one that wasn't all that great but not that bad.You should buy it and make me feel better about myself. I am working on The Monster and The Wishing Well with Eric Hunter being the producer. It's dark,ghostly but beautiful. I put a lot of passion into my music. I think it's worthless without. I tour from time to time, but not all of the time. I think you and I are a lot alike,I'd say.

UPDATE! I put our a tour release called table scraps, it sold out in about 2 months (not because I'm super popular but because we only made 500) and I'm goign to re-issue it.but here's the catch Im going to package it with Second Helpings, which isn't an album, It's a bastard. It's little lost puppies that don't have a home because they dont fit on an album, but they are too good for you not to hear (because every song I've ever made is amazing)

UPDATE PT.2. YES Figure and I are still working on bad news for people who love hip hop, The reason it isnt out yet is because we keep getting better ideas. We don't know when it's coming out, but this is more or less to make you stop asking us. It will more than likely be a digital download so that your favorite indy rocker doesnt sue us and make themselves look like dicks.

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