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They have sold over 10,000 albums. Played to thousands of fans. Have been heard on the radio, seen on TV, and have starred in five films and a documentary together, but to say they are just another music group trying make it would be a mistake.

Brought together in 1999 as members of a sketch comedy troupe, and born from a sketch lampooning the current state of affairs in hip hop, C4 (Charles Schefer)and SmoothE (Troy Lee Sargent) have truly grown from comedy characters into trend setting performers in the region. This accomplished duo has found a unique perspective in the world of hip hop. THEY ENTERTAIN. THEY TEACH. THEY GIVE BACK.

EVILLE has worn all of their titles proudly through the years: comedians, actors, writers, producers, directors, rappers, and mentors to young performers in the area. In 1999, while living in California, C4 started gator9 Productions to allow independent entertainers the ability to develop their material for stage and screen. In 2001, g9 Films was started by C4 and Tony DeVries. They filmed and released a small ensemble comedy entitled "bartypes: a stereotypical comedy" which starred C4 and SmoothE. It was that films soundtrack that took EVILLE from the comedy stage and into the recording booth for their first "original" music project. "Livin, Lovin, and Loungin with C4 and SmoothE" was released in 2001. After moving back home to Indiana, C4 joined SmoothE in the studio again for 2002's "There Comes A Time", which also included a new third member of the group, TiJuan. EVILLE used the money from the sales of these two albums to start a record label. In 2004, C4 and SmoothE started g9 Music with EVILLE, rapper Lac The GoGetter, and singers Cartez Dee'Shae and Liv Long on the roster. Over the next 9 months, they released albums for each artist on the roster, including their own "Life and Love", completed a documentary about the label entitled "The Fam", and starred in two more movies "The Bottom Line" an action movie for director Troy Davis and "Maelstrom" a psychological thriller for director Ken Murray. Then, with the music label, the film studio, and the production company at their fingertips C4 and SmoothE decided they should make an unusual move. They would open their doors to any and all artists in the area for the next five years to teach and aid them with the production of their material at no cost in an effort to reinvigorate a depleted "original" music scene in the area. The results were astounding: 30 albums (rab, r&b, rock, jazz, comedy), 7 music compilations, and 458 songs for 136 different artists from 9 different states. They also filmed 28 music videos for those artists, and starred in 2 more feature length movies (the dramedy "Q.Pidd" and the docudrama "People Music"). The effect was felt. Singles from those albums were heard on radio stations all over the country and videos appeared on BET, MTV2, GAC, and Fuse. Personal music success did not escape them either. The singles from their 3 albums garnered a remarkable 8 College radio request 1's. In 2005, EVILLE decided that as the underground was growing they needed to attack the mainstream market to spread the word. So they shuffled the lineup at g9 Music in an effort to spread the reach of their movement. The stable would include all genres Bosko (rock), Jason McKinney (country), Bradley T, EVILLE, Inspector Clusoe (rap), WillC (r&b), and Liv Long (Jazz/Blues), and set out to establish dominance through the rest of the decade. In 2006, the group released their fourth studio album (and final with TiJuan), "Whatever", which included 5 more college radio 1 requests. Bringing their total to 13 1's. In 2008 furthering their search for the most talented performers in the area, they began a regional MC rap competition called "The Rumble In The Jungle". With the success of the first. they expanded in 2009, "The Rumble" would now also include r&b and DJ competitions. Contestants compete for $100 weekly prizes, and the Grand Prize Winner in each category wins a music video, a music distribution deal, an article and interview in a tri-sate music magazine, and more.

Seeing the impact of their efforts, EVILLE decided it was time for the rest of the world to get to know the talented artists they had met. So in the fall of 2009, they had a "soft launch" of www.midwestsyndicate.com, a website devoted to independent entertainment. For the fans it is a paradise of unknown, undiscovered FREE entertainment. For the artists it is a place to reach the world with their talent at no cost. "The Syndicate" is 6 radio stations, a music video station, a comedy station, a movie theater, web pages for each music artist, and a store all in one location representing artists from each of the 13 midwestern states.

As for their own music, EVILLE is set to release their 5th studio album and a mini movie in a 2 disc set entitled "EVILLE SUCKS" late 2009. After all, they're just another music group.
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