MERSE / Shadows Gathering

Etown, Indiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Grime / Lyrical
Reality Check Ent.
MERSE, born Stephen Mercer Jr. on Jan. 13, 1983, was a child of struggle. Bouncing here and there, moving every 2 years. Drug addicted parents kept life interesting. Made and lost friends often. Never staying in one place long enough to stretch out.

Music was an automatic release. Not just hip hop, but everything. All genres. It was a release much needed in a bubble of pain thrust around him. But hip hop had its vantage points. Living in the city, hip hop wasn't foreign. It was everywhere A state of mind, and it sank its claws in deep! The persuasion of Kool G Rap and Nasty Nas directed lifes telecast. Like anything else the music put out a certain vibe that drew him to play in the devils playground. Becoming a full fledged gang member at age 11, weed smoker at 12, and teenage disappointment by 13. His family was disgraced, and he knew life wasn't going to give him a second chance. One particular companion, The Great Dominic Sitz, 10 years his elder, was always freestyling and busting shit outta nowhere. Merse was intoxicated, this is what he wanted to do. Music became first priority. Writing, developing, dreaming. This is what life consisted of now. Finding a passion for complex lyricism and rhyme structure, his flow was much more versatile than his surrounding counterparts. For this he was hailed and hated upon. Only to be driven harder. Through a string of failed groups, album releases, shows and shady record deals, MERSE emerges with his debut solo project "Pay Rent or Die Trying", also his super group , Shadows Gathering, is planning to take over the planet in the meantime. At age 25, he feels a rebirth is currently reviving hip hops present state.
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