Kid Called Computer

Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Experimental / Ambient
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Sadistik & Kid called Computer "The Art Of Dying" EP

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A balance of passion and creativity, a complete disregard for any genre to be identified with, and the monotony of making beats for others brought about the birth of Toriano Terrell’s brainchild “Kid Called Computer”. Originally dubbed for the title of his self released debut solo effort in late 2001, Kid Called Computer took a life of it’s own and quickly became a name that stuck. In his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, Toriano had made a name for himself crafting beats for local favorites such as Mac Lethal, Ces Cru, and The Guild, but after years of just performing and making beats for everyone else, he became aware that he wanted much more out of his music. A member of 2 beloved KC groups (5th District and The Guild, as well as a handful of bands), Toriano had been used to the day to day duties of producing and performing since as early as 1995, but after the death of a close friend, he found himself faced with something much more trying . He went inside of his apartment and did not truly emerge until around 6 months after, armed with a collection of tracks that bent almost every rule, and blended most popular genres, as well as some less popular. “Kid Called Computer” was this effort. Soon after this release, Toriano found that opportunity had come knocking, so he packed his things and relocated to Chicago shortly thereafter. He left so fast in fact that buzz was still brewing of his effort even after he had gone. A bold move that almost completely sums up his existence. Always accept a challenge that presents itself, and fear not the outcome.

That mentality could not be more evident than on his latest offering. Teaming up with Seattle rapper Sadistik after working together on Sad’s debut “The Balancing Act”, the two started knocking around ideas, and “The Art Of Dying EP” is the result of that. An album that seamlessly blends genres so effortlessly, one might have a hard time classifying it, and and even harder time trying to digest it upon their first listen. From hip hop to rock, from trip hop to electronica, the album truly proves that there is hardly a point in “trying” to classify it. Inspired heavily by both artists love for film noire, the album dives in and out of subject matter that flirts with utter darkness and despair, but yet still finds its way back to hope and beauty. The two artists created a sound that is truly their own.

The future is bright for Kid. With a solo album in the works, as well as a few other albums on which he is collaborating with other talented producers, and an upcoming summer tour, this guy shows no sign of slowing down . There is no doubt that this is only the beginning for Kid Called Computer, even if the beginning is simply him beginning again. Stay tuned.


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