San Antone, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Indie
Unraveled Records
Man I haven't recorded shit for like almost a year now. I am happily consumed w/ raising my daughter and being a better husband and father. But I am telling you now I will be in the booth very soon, I am not going to record an album you can buy in stores ( outside the ones my friends own ). I do not wish to become famous or have a millon plus plays on myspace. I just love the music and the act of doing it, that is all for me I enjoy my hobby. So if you want to check out my new sounds just you wait the Moon will set in the 6th house of Uranus and time will shift and I will break out ol' trusty and begin rapping again. Thank you for not acting to be my friend because myspaces says so.

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