DJ Micky Finn

London and South East, UK
Drum & Bass / Hip Hop / Hawaiian
Press Release 23/1/07

Commencing 17th November

2006, Mickey Finn decided to amicably part ways with Innovation and its

sister companies. Mickey Finn is proud of the work he has accomplished

with Innovation but feels it is time to move on.

He wishes to thank all of those who

supported him in his work with Innovation and hopes to continue to come across

such supportive people as he continues his passionate work within the Drum and

Bass scene.

Micky Finn (Famous for Nish)

Feet on the ground Appreciate the chance I have been given in life & I realise

I play records for a living.

Not one of the top 100 people in the world like some djs believe they are

Twats. We make people dance that's it

Easy going . Can get on with anyone that can get on with me full stop .

Like to have a laugh & don't take things too seriously.

love my kids .more to come !

People Id Like To Meet:

Nelson Mandela

David Bowie

Gary Numan (again)

Lou Reed

Jonny Rotten (even though I heard he is a dick)

Robbie Williams

George Bush (to give him a swift kick in the nuts, prick)

Charlie Murphy

Dave Chapelle

Pam Anderson

Margret Thatcher

Adam Ant.

I will keep adding as my hero's come back to me .

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