Twisted Individual

the front lines, London and South East, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Christian Rap / Happy Hardcore
Grid Recordings, Zombie, Allsorts, Guniea Pig

Twisteds first releases were back in1998 wen u wernt even born, and for his debut produced Wales, the biggest track on earth and the now legendary World of Cock album. Seeing that he was onto a good thing ,in 2001 DJ SS entrusted him 2 piss in his bed ,and the seminal Lighter Rmx Was Born. Whilst working on his debut album he pieced together several jigsaw puzzles,two of the biggest that year
Proving that he could mix the rough action with smooth talk, the Tooled Up! LP on Foolmation Records showcased the Twisted sound - he had crafted an album that would get heads talking, and the crowds jumping.
Following the success of Tooled Up!, Twisted found himself in the spotlight, with remix offers and DJ bookings beginning to flood in. Twisted was now able to showcase his skills on the decks all around the world. Picking up regular plays at all the major UK promotions including Slammin Vinyl, One Nation, Telepathy, Best of British, United Dance, Accelerated Culture, as well as residencies at all the Formation and World of Drum & Bass nights all over the World, Twisted is now an exclusive member of the top flight of D&B DJs. Always armed with a bag of fresh dubs to unleash on the crowds, his explosive partnership with MC Biggie has smashed many venues over the past few years. In this time Twisted has also been fortunate enough to have his travels take him all over the world, notching up stamps in his passport and champion hangovers everywhere from Germany to Estonia, USA to Australia, Spain to Brazil and pretty much everywhere else in-between.
As with any popular style of music, when something is successful, the masses will follow, and soon the Twisted clones started to fill the shelves of all the record shops. Not a man known for his restraint, in 2003 Twisted got back in the dungeon and cooked up a message to all those he felt were ripping his sound. Bandwagon Blues exploded onto the scene and instantly became an anthem with rewind after rewind ensuring this was a front runner in every DJs set. Off the back of his previous success and other tracks such as Rusty Sherrif's Badge, Heavy Metal, and Hand Grenade Twisted found himself up for 3 categories at the 2003 Accelerated Culture Awards, walking away with awards not only for Best Tune for Bandwagon Blues, but also Best Producer.
Since then Twisted has not stopped. Recent tracks such as 'Swan Cake', 'Konga remix' have kept him at the top of his game. His days are now filled with tours and DJ bookings as well as a spending time in the studio working on a whole variety of projects, dnb and beyond for his own Grid Recordings.

To book Twisted or to enquire about a Grid tour night, contact

Click here to check out the GRID RECORDINGS website

Click here to check out the GRID RECORDINGS website
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