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DJ Jekz and Mr Hyde got into music when they were 12 years of age. They were influenced by a number of genres including hip hop and jazz, but Electro and Hip Hop held their main interests. When purchasing their first set of decks at the age of 15, the duo was heavily into acid house and rave, and were soon to become resident DJs for local pubs and clubs.

Throughout their magical mystery tour the pair had been involved in a number of early rave promotions such as Electribe and Bonnie from Jungle Soundclash. Jekz n Hyde were also well known in Kent for private beach and house parties.

In 1990, Vince (DJ Jekz) locked on to Drum n Bass DJs such as Fabio, Grooverider, Micky Finn, and LTJ Bukem. Jammin (Mr Hyde) was influenced by the more darker and twisted approach to dance music, DJs such as Alex Hazard, Loft Groover, Tango and Ratty, Colin Favour to name a few.

Jekz is now running his own music studio with DJ Ruffstuff and they are looking forward to completing new projects in the Drum n Bass scene. Mr Hyde is also helping to run the studio but is concentrating more on the promotional aspect of the studio.

Jekz and Hyde also receive tracks from Mr Carl Collins: ex-head of A&R for Hardleaders, (a sister label from the infamous Kickin Records) and Director of Black Market Records in Canada, also cousin of Keith Heinz P (who is the other business partner of Hyde Studios LTD.)

Years later, they are taking their DJing and Producing careers very seriously. Through close ties with industry giants such as DJ Micky Finn and Mr L- Double, Jekz and Hyde regularly receive exclusive tracks from Urban Takeover, Flex Records, and Nu-Urban music distribution. Since their interview with Lexicon magazine, the pair have also played sets at Breakology / Battle Of The MC's / Unity.

Other known DJs/Producers whose tracks Jekz and Hyde receive: DJ Ruffstuff, V Recordings, Iceminus, Cutmasterswift, Erb N Dub (Urban Takeover, Finn People, Acetate Records, Radical Beats), Random, Jerona Fruits, DR S Gachet, Chronic Records, Feroglobal crew, Nam Musik, Dub Alley, Ian 45 Carey (Soul Providers), Lennie De Ice, Mike Reed (Mike The Drummer - The Prodigy), DJ Ollie (Direct Recordings), State Of Mind (New Zealand dnb producers), Chris @ Galaxy Records (New Zealand record shop), Lethal & Destruction (UK Hip-Hop), DJ KG (Urban Agency), Fineprint (Chicago).

The pair will be hosting a brand new internet radio station with Big named DJS/MCS and organisations through:

www.futureintension.com. which is owned by Tony Future, Tony currently works at Tartan Films and Hyde Studios are also involved!

Coming soon brand new official Hyde Studios website

is being updated with news of us and whats going on within the scene (dnb/hiphop/house). In the news section you will find that Hyde Studios is now sponsored and is an official affiliate for Sensorcom, Sensorcom specialises in professional custom made ear plugs for musicians etc, DJ Jekz had to stop dj'ing live for seven weeks as he has slight tinnitus, he stumbled across this site and noticed that they made custom made earplugs, he made an appointment and ended up with two custom made earplugs that take 25dbs off loud music, he has tried them out and they work perfectly! They cost £150+vat so £176 will save your ears! Priceless really! Please feel free to browse around their site:


Jekz is also into the modeling world and knows Miss Nancy (www.supermodelnancy.com) he has built a professional relationship with Nancy. Nancy and Vince are working on a model shoot called "Music meets Beauty" which will involve up and coming DJ's/MC's etc with top named DJ's/MC's and vice versa with the beauty side i.e. Kelly Bell, Toni Samantha (Babe Station).

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