DJ Darren Jay

Wide Open Music

In 1990 Darren started working for Tone Def Records, a hardcore label which had hits with Sound corp, Cape Fear and the Bob Marley tune 'Nice and Slow'. He started his own label "Prime Time Wax" which released 10 singles including Toni Braxton's which went to sell 20,000 copies. Darren then met Rene, who owned Blackmarket Records and started to A&R for MCA Music putting out Total Science 1 2 3.

Also Moonshine Music mixing albums such as 140+bpm, 123+jungle warfare with Mickey Finn. Around this time Darren started to produce the No Diggety remix, the Barry Boom anthem and Stand and Deliver alongside Mickey and Gavin.

In 1997 Darren started the Mecca label on Drum&Bass. He had vocal acrobatics - himself, Ellis Dee, Stomp and Weaver, Rat Dogg and Dj Skinny. Style wars with L. Double and Dj Crucial. Darren also handled reggae with Red Rat, Bucaneer and Goofy and Phoebe One who went on to have 2 top twenty records, and won a MOBO award. Donner Dee and Marley Wills also on a garage tip.

Larry Heard aka Mister Fingers has also released two critically acclaimed albums on Mecca. In 2000 Darren started a new label "Wide Open Music", artists included in this label are Audio Species, Dj Surreal and Parameter to Stomp and weaver, Scitex, G Squad, Vanguard and Dj crucial. So far they have released eight singles, and with every one the reaction has got better and better. these singles are Wide Open 001 - Live Fun - Weaver, WO 002 - Trapped Nerve - Audio Species, WO 003 - Freaks 2001 - Stomp and Weaver, WO 004 - Orgasm - Audio Species, WO 005 - Fallen - Audio Species, WO 006 - Switchblade - Audio Species, WO 007 - Back to that Groove, - Stomp, WO 008 - Shadow Demon -Audio Species, WO 009 - Untitled - G Squad. Tracks to be released in 2002 will include tunes by Dj Crucial, more G Squad, Vanguard, Darren Jay himself, Special K and L. Double plus the Wide Open Music album featuring all the artists.

On the production side, Darren has been spending a lot of time in the studio. Look out for Aqua and Flee Bag on Bomb records, this is being bashed by Andy C, Mickey Finn, randall, Swift and Dj Hype, and also soon to be released is 'Breakage' on Wide Open Music. Also planned by Darren and Special K in 2002 is a third release on Urban Takeover and Vocal Acrobatics remix.

Currently, Darren has been working on 4 new tracks with special k. "Helms deep" is out on

promo on wide open , as is "scoop," and the next release is "in and out" on wide open. This featured on the dmc micky finn album last year (2003) Also "afterburn" and "rockford" are getting some interest from other labels such as true players and formation. Darren hopes to get this out asap as he's been working on an album 4 mc riddla with Bob Sonic, which is up to 10 tracks. It features many styles such as hip hop, ragga, and dnb. They are also looking at some collaborations with the ragga twins, mc blade, and the likes of TC Islam. Some hip hop tunes that were produced by darren jay and special k have also been picked up by MC SKibbadee who is signed 2 relentless via Virgin. He would like to feature them on his album . Darren is also looking at putting out a jungle old school vibe track again, with riddla and Bob Sonic. He also plans to get back in studio with micky finn

and aphrodite and remixing "stand and deliver" by barry boom
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