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"Das Kapital. Always super sweet live. Super sweet like letting the hot shower water graze your throbbing boner when you're 13 and too afraid to actually jerk off cuz God might think that you're weird. What? Yeah just buy their records and see them live and shit. And, no, Marc did not even pay me to say that. Yet." --Jimmy Assmunch, drum-god, Sass Dragons, www.Jerseybeat.com
DAS KAPITAL was birthed in 2004 by Chicagoan’s Marc Ruvolo and Davey Houle. Longtime collaborators under the Johann’s Race Records banner, Marc did time in NO EMPATHY and TRAITORS and Davey smacked the drums for THE ATARI STAR. The addition of Texas dude Nick Kubica and bassist Ryan Scaccia made things way more difficult but oh well, you gotta have other band members. DK's debut CD "Denying The West" came out on Johann's Face Records in March 2006. A new CD/LP called "Died True" came out in October 2007 and Let's Pretend Records put out the "Punk House Heaven" 7" this year. Das Kapital are not Communists, but find the ideas of Karl Marx to be very sexy. Check out www.johannsface.com to buy the cd's n junk.
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Check out these reviews, chief:Das Kapitals debut album seems to have the detail and restraint of publishable historical fiction but with an unexpected perk: rock n roll with influences so classy, fans of the subtler sides of 80s punk and 90s alt-country will want to break out the good beer. Set Adrift Again and St. Rachael and the Sodomite so deftly echo both Naked Raygun and The Buzzcocks youll forget youre watching PBS.
-Andrew Marcus, Alternative Press Magazine[Denying the West] has a precision and ferocity that Green Day could never find. This is for fans of The Gun Club, Hootenany-era Replacements and Hüsker Dü.
-Copper Press MagazineDenying the West begins with waking up and ends with death, and the life that takes place in between is an intriguing, beautiful work of art.
-Mammothpress.comSpirited punk with new wave and sweet power-pop flavors. Hooky choruses and guitar breaks that reference the best 80s So-Cal and Chicago punk. Sharp on many levels!
-Jack Rabid, The Big TakeoverTwo years shouldnt be enough for a band to sound this good. The different styles that Das Kapital bring forth on this disc are impressive and yet they all work perfectly.
-Neufutur.com[Denying the West] is a surprisingly catchy and tuneful piece of rootsy power pop with a punky undertone that sounds in keeping with late-period Replacements, or near-forgotten 80s groups like the Pontiac Brothers, Green or the Dharma Bums [T]he songs are brash two-minute pop songs with uniformly strong choruses.
-Allmusic.comWhat makes this a keeper for me is that even if you put aside the above average execution of the concept thing, you still have a flowing, continuously rocking album that entices sing-alongs from start to finish. Good work.
-Andre Medrano, The New SchemeLike Hüsker Dü, Das Kapital has a knack for mixing the bold distortion and poignant lyrics of punk rock with a keen sense of pop melody. Denying the West is built on the foundation of some great bands while standing strong in its own right, which is a feat most bands rarely achieve. Expect big things from Das Kapital in the future.
-Matt St. John, Pastepunk.comOne of the better albums to come out of Chicago in a long time. The ride is quick, but worth taking over and over again.
-Modern Fix MagazineInstead of standout songs separated by doses of filler, Denying the West offers an entirely consistent, cohesive album, well deserving of more attention than its likely to attract.
-PopMatters.comDas Kapital truly embody the sound of Chicago, with similarities to Pegboy and many others. This is a really great release.
-Sparkkplugg.comDas Kapital [plays] aggressive, yet intelligent music [that] brims with the sort of simmering discontent that cant be faked with ProTools and a six-figure production budget.
-Aversion Media
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