Sass Dragons

Chicago, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Zouk / Grime
Lets Pretend Records, Johanns Face
we are a three dude rock group. some of the things we like are people getting kicked in the nards, drinking beer, doing drugs, running around with slinkies on our weiners, and we ecspecially laugh hard when people bonk their heads on things. o and also when people slip on banana peels we might pee our pants laughing so much. remember the part in ROBOCOP when kurtwood smith sez "can you fly bobby?"

Also, a big fat THANK YOU to Patrick Houdek, Jeremy Hogan, JeNn 5!37, Thomas May, Pat Rios, Brad Chim-Chim, Olivia Pape, Becky and Joe Murphy for the photographs on this site. A double-dip thank you to brad for doing our website as well.
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