Vacation Bible School

towards the north and west, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock
Cassette Deck, Underground Communique
So we do have stuff for sale.

Go to Itunes and you can get "Unlucky."

Go to and you can get "Unlucky."

Go to and you can get "Unlucky," "In Defense of Myself," or the Vindictives tribute 7" with Shot Baker.

speaking of the Vindictives split, here's a review from Razorcake. I don't really know if it's positive or negative, but it's our first time in print since the College of Lake County ran a review of some show we played in their student newspaper back in 2001:

"SHOT BAKER / VACATIONBIBLESCHOOL: Vindictive Tribute Split: 7”

The Vindictives are perhaps the most under-appreciated of all 1990s pop punk bands. So, imagine my delight upon receiving this Vindictives tribute record! The problem with this sort of thing is that it just makes me want to put on a Vindictives record instead! Plus Joey Vindictive & Co. have got to be one of the hardest bands to cover—crazy Muppet-ish vocals, over-the-top energy and craziness, ack! I’ve heard Shot Baker are a decent band, but their covers of “Future Homemakers of America” and “Glad to Be” lack the insanity of the originals. Vacation Bible School cover “Assembly Line” and “Automatic,” and get a little bit more of the Vindictives craziness, and rock, um, a little harder. That said, if I ever heard either of these bands (or, really, almost any other punk band) playing a Vindictives song at a show, I’d be jumping around like crazy! And I wholeheartedly salute the production of anything in homage to one of the best bands of all time! If this were a cereal, it’d be the revival (about ten years ago?) of Quisp, one of most amazing cereals ever! –Maddy (Underground Communiqué)"

speaking of 7"s, we're releasing one soon with Bi-Furious.

and here's a review of our newest shit, "Unlucky," by Andy Darling in Maximum Rock N Roll:

"Great mid-tempo bouncy melodic punk from Elgin, Illinois. Snotty and catchy with good lyrics, it sounds like a mix of the Vindictives and Fifteen. Vacation Bible School injects emotion into their songs without sounding whiny, and I can see no evidence of any pretense or phony attitudes. Unlucky is just a cool little disc. Eight songs in twenty-five minutes, when it was over I played it again. I wonder if they're named after the FYP song."
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