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Bloomington, Indiana, US
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
lets pretend records
ORDERING INFO if you want to just send me payment in the mail, make check or money order out to peter shaw! or you can just hide that cash money. please send to:

Lets Pretend Records
P.O. Box 1663
Bloomington IN 47402 CDs $6 7''s $5.50 TAPEs $4 CDRs $3

please be patient!

LPR-047 Parlor s/t TAPE
LPR-046 Vacation "dream dad 7'' (split release w/ sidejar)
LPR-045 Brickfight / Liarbirds split 7''
LPR-044 DeadDog "don't touch me'' LP&TAPE
LPR-043 New Creases "demo'' TAPE
LPR-042 Shanghai River "Binary Code Will Enslave All Of Humankind" LP (split releases w/ ADD)
LPR-041 Reaction " We Have Nothing To Lose But Boredom" 10" (split release w/ No Breaks)
LPR-040 Prizzy Prizzy Please "Chroma Cannon" TAPE (split release w/ Joyful Noise)
LPR-039 Pine Hill Haints / Trainwreck Riders split 7''
LPR-038 New Creases / It Good split 7'' (split release w/ No Breaks)
LPR-037 Tweak Bird / It Burns split 7''
LPR036 2009 '' the future is soon'' LP (split release with No Breaks)
LPR-035 Wide Angles s/t 7'' (split release with No Breaks) SOLD OUT!
LPR-034 Al Scorch " This Lonesome World" 7'' (split release with No Breaks)
LPR-033 Cruddy s/t 7'' (split release w/ Basement Screams)
LPR-032 Nighty Night "Belle" 7"
LPR-031 Pony Boy ''Sexual Assault Rifle" OUT OF STOCK!
LPR-030 Nocturnal Feeding "Some Terrestrial Device" TAPE
LPR-029 Vacation Bible School / Bi-Furious split 7'' (split release w/ Lucky Gator)
LPR-028 It Burns s/t 7'' (split release w/ Beercan)
LPR-027 Blotto/ Conniption Fitts/ Sass Dragons/ Prohibition 4-way split 7'' (split release w/ ADD)
LPR-026 Sass Dragons/ Brokedowns split 7'' (split release w/ cassette Deck)
LPR-025 Adam Wagner/ Rosie split TAPE
LPR-024 Screaming Females/ Full Of Fancy split 7''
LPR-023 Das Kapital " Punk House Heaven" 7'' SOLD OUT!
LPR-022 Crows Feet "Concertina" TAPE
LPR-021 Proclamation s/t CDR SOLD OUT!
LPR-020 Spokesmen s/t e.p. CD SOLD OUT!
LPR-019 Sass Dragons "Bonkaroo'' CD (split release w/ Johann's Face)
LPR-018 Shang-a-lang "summertime" 7'' (split release w/ Dirt Cult)
LPR-017 Conniption Fitts "shart Sandwich" 7"
LPR-016 Prizzy Prizzy Please s/t CD
LPR-015 Conniption Fitts / Be My Doppelganger split 7'' (split release w/ Bichtin Riffage) SOLD OUT!
LPR-014 Sass Dragons / Party Garbage split 7'' SOLD OUT!
LPR-013 Bi-Furious " Are Stoked'' e.p. CDR

Everything else in the catalog is OUT OF STOCK!

----------------------COMING SOON!

LPR-048 naw dude/ it burns split tape
LPR-049 RAD PAYOFF 5 song DEMO TAPE (split release dead broke)
LPR-50 SLAM DUNK full length TAPE
LPR-051 LANDLORD/ AL SCORCH split 7'' "tribute to DEAD MOON"
LPR-052 Peter Stubb/ Nocturnal Feeding split 7"
LPR-053 Vacation full length LP
LPR-054 Tenement / Cheeky split 7''
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