Saro Cosentino

Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Ambient / Alternative
indie for italy, Voiceprint for rest of the world
In the 1970's Saro began playing traditional North American acoustic music. At the same time he started collaborating with various Italian artists involved in the Italian Blues scene.

In '79 his interest in experimental electronic music began and in the same year his first collaboration with Franco Battiato took place. With him, among other pieces, he wrote "I Treni di Tozeur". Afterwhich he wrote for both Giusto Pio and Alice.

In 1985 he formed, with harpist Vincenzo Zitello, the duo A'sciara. The duo was to combine traditional Celtic music with electronic music. A'sciara toured extensively and their participation in the "Festival of Riva del Garda" won them the first place "Vela d'argento" for the best single of the year.

In 1987 Saro wrote the music for the theatre production "Macchina dell'Amore e della Morte", written and directed by Taddeus Kantor and presented at the "Festival Documenta" in Kassel and other major European cities.

Also in '87 he collaborated in the staging and realization of the opera "Genesi" in Parma at the Teatro Regio.

In 1988 his first solo album, entitled "Saro Cosentino", was realeased on the Ottava/EMI record label. In the summer of the same year he participated in Battiato's "Fisiognomica" tour.

Since 1990 Saro has alternated producing and engineering with writing.

In 1992 he produced Battiato's album, "Caffé de la Paix", voted Best Album of the Year by the Italian Music Press

During the same year Saro took part in the recording and realization of Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live".

In 1998, his second "solo" album, "Ones and Zeros", was released in Europe and North America,. Recorded at Real World Studios,with musicians from different musical cultures: Peter Hammill,David Rhodes,Trey Gunn,Kudsy Erguner,Pandit Dinesh and Shankar,among others.

He has recently produced,Franco Battiato's new album : "Ferro Battuto ".

The "debut" album of philosopher Manlio Sgalambro : " Fun Club".

The first solo album of Massimo Zamboni: Sorella Sconfitta

The new album of the band "Radiodervish" : In Search of Simurgh.

He wrote is first film score for the movie"Sfiorarsi" by director Angelo Orlando.

Production of two singles:"come ti va" and "la vita prfetta" and the forthcoming album"terra luna e margarita" of the band RIO.

Production of the new album of the band "Bludeepa".

Production of the new album of Massimo Zamboni "l'inerme è l'imbattibile"

Production of the new album of the band Radiodervish: "Beyond the sea"
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